Drive Time music review – Black Keys “El Camino”

Black Keys - El Camino

The Black Keys

Black Keys – El Camino

This is my first alternative music review called Drive Time music review.  Why the name?  Well, the best place (for me) to objectively listen to and rate an record is on my 45 minutes drive to work or drive home – hence the name.  I’m going to start off with a record that was released early last year – the Black Key’s “El Camino”.

When Bob Dylan decided to go “electric” after years of playing acoustically, people were pissed.  So much so that they actually booed him in concert.  And the Black Keys remind of this because there are plenty of people complaining that they sold out, and I have to admit in the beginning thought they may be right.  But after listening to a few tunes I realized how wrong I was.

There are some difference in this Black Keys – namely more instruments and a bigger sound, such as the backup singers on “Gold on the Ceiling” and ‘Mind Eraser”.  And while this mind piss off some music purists, there is songs, such as “Hell of a Season”, that are a revert back to previous records.  And for those that know the Black Keys for their hit songs “Tighten Up” and “Howlin for You” will enjoy “Lonely Boy” and “Nova Baby”.

Progress of a band’s music isn’t always a bad thing – music without any progress quickly becomes old and stale.  I applaud The Black Keys (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney) for “El Camino” and expanding on a sound that is already pretty darn good.


4 thoughts on “Drive Time music review – Black Keys “El Camino”

  1. I actually like this album more than Brothers because of what you said, instruments and a bigger sound. I get so tired when “critics,” “purists” who are usually just asshat hipsters who’s idea of playing music is rolling a blunt and reloading their I-Pod, accusing bands of selling out.

    • I hear ya, brother. They should open up their minds for a minute – there is a lot of “Black Key” esque songs on this record, with a fuller sound. Nothing wrong with that. For the other 3 people reading this (lol), check out my friend Brandon’s sports website, . Great sports writing from a true fan that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

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