Attack of the Cable Box: “Archer” Season 3 , episode 4 – The Man From Jupiter

Archer Season 3

Archer isn't happy Mom is dating Burt Reynolds

Thank the powers that be, one of my favorite TV shows, Archer, is back on, but I’m not too thrilled about the first episode of season 3.

For those of you who don’t watch, Archer revolves around a secret agent named Sterling Archer, the deadliest agent around.  He works for a organization named Isis, with his mother owning the organization and running it in her own weird way.  Supporting cast is also present, but we will get into who’s who later on in other articles.  But I digress…

This season starts off with Archer meeting his “mancrush” and idol, Burt Reynolds (voiced by himself).  Somehow Burt has hooked up with Arhcer’s mother, Malory, and this fact itself sends Archer retching (he throws up whenever he even thinks of his mother with a man).  As Burt tries to get Archer to accept the fact he is going to see Malory and should let his mother do what makes her happy, the rest of the crew try to warn Archer about the Cuban hit squad in town to kill him, but he thinks it is just a ruse.

As much as I love almost every single Archer episode I watched, this one doesn’t “pop” like previous shows.  The punch lines take too long to deliver, and Archer changing his views about his mother dating doesn’t work for me.  Archer heaving at the thought of his mother – with anyone else – is priceless (just like entire “Diversity Hire” episode), and messing with the weird, twisted relationship between the two is a mistake.  The rest of the gang make an appearance in the show but majority of the show focused on Archer and Burt.

Hopefully the pace of the humor will pick up as the season goes on.

Episode favorite line:

“I swear, you could drown a toddler in my panties right now – not that anyone would”

-Pam Poovey

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