Attack of the Cable Box! (Tv reviews) – Spartacus: Vengeance episode 1:Fugitivus

Liam Mcintyre - Spartacus

The new Spartacus - Liam McIntyre

Spartacus has started up again on the Starz channel now that the original Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, has been replaced by Liam McIntyre (Whitfield passed away from leukemia that was discovered in a physical for the second season). So, after a “prequel” season Starz put together while Whitfield was receiving chemotherapy, we are back to the original story – Spartacus.
Here is a breakdown of the main characters so far:
Spartacus, Liam McIntyre
Lucretia, Lucy Lawless
Llithyia, Viva Bianca
Crxius, Manu Bennett
Gaius Claudius Glaber, Craig Parker
Oenomaus, Peter Mensah
Spartacus and Crxius have teamed up after massacring everybody in the House of Batiatus, who was husband of Lucretia, resident gladiator owner, and social climber. The duo have caused enough of an uproar that Gaius is send personally to Capua, with wife Llithyia in tow, to deal with the rebellious slave Spartacus. So as Gaius reaches Capua with his regiment, Llithyia isn’t happy. First of all, she had her guards lock the doors when Spartacus and the gladiators went Rambo on everyone. Second, Gaius tells her she has to stay at the House of Batiatus and Lucretia, which still looks a room from the movie Hostel with blood all over the walls. And third, a haggard and dazed Lucretia is found wondering around in the house (Lucretia knows all kinds of bad things about Llithyia – including the accidental “liaison” between Spartacus and Llithya). Spartacus and Crxius is warned of Gaius’ arrival by the old “leader” of the gladiators, Oenomaus, so Spartacus shows up when Gaius speaks in public to calm the town down. Gaius brings out this woman he has severely tortured to try to get Spartacus’ hideout location (Spartacus sent her with money to travel away with her son as debt repayment to her dead husband). As Spartacus gets into it with Gaius, Lucretia spots Crxius (he was baby daddy to Lucretia until he stabbed in the stomach and left her for dead during the massacre) and Crxius convinces Spartacus to call off the attack. Now Spartacus must decide whether to get revenge on Gaius – the man who forced him into slavery and partially responsible for his wife’s murder, help Crxius find his lost love, or run to try to keep his army together.
As for the show overall, it was typical Spartacus fare. Slow, 300ish battle scenes, enough gore for a pretty decent horror movie, and an overabundance of sex in the first show indicates that they will not stray from what has made them popular to begin with. But this first episode seemed “slow” despite some decent plot movement and plenty of blood and gore. Hopefully the Spartacus: Vengeance will pick up steam as the season goes on.

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