Drive Time music reviews – Real Estate’s Days

Real Estate

Real Estate - Days

On this episode of “Drive Time” music reviews we will take a look at Real Estate’s album, Days.

It isn’t often that I come across an album that I enjoy as much as Days – it is constructed that well.  The songs, while each different in its own right, meld together to form a cohesive well-made piece of music.  The band consists of:

Martin Courtney- singer/guitarist

Matthew Mondanile – guitar

Alex Bleeker- Bass

Etienne Pierre Duguay-drums

Courtney’s voice is pleasant and unobtrusive on the ears, yet is able to get his point across on songs such as it’s Real – “When I tell you how I feel, Believe me when I say it’s real”.  And while the lyrics are great, the construction of the instruments is even better.

First of all, Duguay is one hell of a drummer, and doesn’t need Neil Peart like drum solos to prove it.  While Duguay keeps time, Mondanile, Courtney, and Bleeker play tight with no need for distortion or other tricks.  Even the instrumental on the album, Kinder Blumen, tend to be less about showing off chops than it is about conveying a feeling or frame of mind.

The perfect Sunday album or a stress reliever on a long drive home – Days is a pleasure to listen to and makes me look forward to more from this incredible band.


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