Drive Time music reviews – White Rabbits “Heavy Metal”

The White Rabbits

The White Rabbits

The “Drive Time” music review will give a listen to White Rabbits new single, Heavy Metal.
I like quite a bit of White Rabbits material. They improved immensely from their first album, Fort Nightly, to their sophomore project, It’s Frightening, and recently released their first song from the new album, Milk Famous, titled Heavy Metal (due 3/6/2012).
The thing that always grabbed me about the White Rabbits is the “big” drum sounds they produce, such as on Percussion Gun. But even in songs where they don’t produce a drum sounds similar to something from Adam and the Ants, the drums (and other instruments) on their songs sound organic and alive. On Heavy Metal, however, White Rabbits have seemed to channel RadioHead via something around the The Bends/Paranoid Android era. It’s not that it’s bad, just very different from what we have heard before from the band. From the opening notes, the band has discovered synthesizers and drum machines. Thankfully the bass and guitars are still there and are not run through several pedals and filters. This song makes me wonder about the new White Rabbits album and how much of a departure it will be from the previous efforts.
If you are interested in downloading a free copy of Heavy Metal, go to their website here. And for your viewing pleasure, my favorite White Rabbits song, Percussion Gun.


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