Popcorn hangover – one sentence reviews on Best Picture nominees

OscarsPopcorn hangover takes a cynical, one sentence look at the Academy Award nominated movies I have seen so far.

The Artist – A well done movie with a simple storyline but well communicated without words or color.

The Descendants – George Clooney’s cheating wife is in a coma, and he gets to pull the plug while trying to sell off a big chunk of land in Hawaii.

Moneyball – Brad Pitt hires Jonah Hill to use a computer and economics to try to beat the New York Yankees with a third of their salary budget.

Warhorse – Boy gets horse, horse goes to war, horse sees half of France (the hard way), boy finds horse after going to war, Steven Spielberg plays your heart strings like a Flamenco guitarist.

The Help – Black maids talk candidly to a white female writer about their white bitch (and I mean bitch) bosses in the 50’s South.

Midnight in Paris – While in paris, Owen Wilson spends his night talking with dead, famous dead artists such as Ernest Hemingway and Gertrude Stein, and spends his days with stuffy, self righteous, know it all jerks (including his fiancé and her parents).

Tree of Life – A man remembers his childhood, the universe developing, dinosaurs fighting, etc (maybe heavy drinking or mushrooms would help me understand this one).

Hugo – Boy, living in Paris train station, fixes robot left by father with help from Ghandi  (Ben Kingsly).

For Best actor I would pick Demian Bichir from “A Better Life”, but it won’t happen – his acting will remind them of the crappy things they make their “help” do around the house and will force voters to realize how unfair life really is.

For Best actress – Glenn Close in Albert Nobbs.  Didn’t see the movie but saw the previews – Glenn Close plays the ugliest man alive.

For more Academy Award crap you might not care about – check back later!


2 thoughts on “Popcorn hangover – one sentence reviews on Best Picture nominees

    • Very well done. Very professional, great cinematography, and really enjoyed the overall “feel” of the movie. You and Patrick did one hell of a job, and am looking forward to more of your work.

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