“Attack of the Cable Box” – Archer, Season 3, episode 6 – The Limited


Archer - quality time with the co workers

On this episode of “Attack of the Cable Box” tv reviews – we look at Archer season 3 episode 6 – “The Limited”

Malory, Lana, Cyril, and Archer take a train to Canada to hand over Kenny Bilko, alleged terrorist for a free Nova Scotia, over to Canadian authorities in hopes of future work.  While Malory looks for a bigger room on the train (her luggage take up most of the space), she runs across Pam, Cheryl, and Ray in Pam’s string of private train cars (she owns the railroad).  A drunk Archer runs across Cheryl’s Ocelot, Babu, and spends the episode searching for Babu while also searching for Bilko (who escapes while Cyril left him alone in their room) and fighting 2 sets of Canadian Mounties – one is a fake and henchmen to rescue Bilko.

Archer realizes another dream of his – to fight on top of a speeding train, but realizes it isn’t as fun as he dreamt.  A train porter, George, provides humor by dealing with an overly demanding Malory, and who Bilko thinks Archer shoots and thus refers to Archer as a “racist”.  In the end, although the Mounties wind up with Bilko, Malory and the gang are banned from Canada – ever, and Archer gets arrested for attempted murder on a Black guy (George) and violating the exotic animal and fish act by having Cheryl’s Ocelot with him.

Overall, good episode.  Not on par with “Honeypot” from season one, but a good, solid outing by Archer and the gang.

Favorite Line:

Archer (when Lana is concerned  about Archer being drunk)-

“Okay, I’ll switch to coffee.  Heinz 56 (the bartender), get me an Irish Coffee.  Lana, I have to taper off.  If the Nova Scotians are a real threat you do not want me hung over!”

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