Attack of the Cable Box – Shaun White scores perfect 100

Shaun White

Shaun White

This time on “Attack of the Cable Box” – Shaun White’s perfect 100 run on 2012 Winter X Games in snowboarding.

I know, I know – so what?  What’s the big deal?  To tell you the truth it might have been the fact it was 4 am when I saw it, I had a couple of beers, or the fact that absolutely nothing else was on but for some reason it was an incredible run for several reasons:

    1. It was his fifth straight gold medal.
    2. He had already had the gold – the last run was really unnecessary for White.
    3. It was the first perfect score in Winter X Games history.

The fact that White didn’t need the score – had already won – but still went out and performed awe inspiring, gravity defying run to prove to himself, and his competition, that the run that earned him the gold was no fluke.  And the thing that blows my mind is that I watched him two nights later win gold in skateboarding on a Mountain Dew tour event.

In a time where mediocrity seems to prevail a little too often, it is nice to see someone that makes perfection look so easy.


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