Drive Time music – Jack White’s new album on the way!

Jack White

Jack Whites solo album - coming soon!

This time on Drive Time – Jack White is working on a solo album (finally!).

His debut solo album, Blunderbuss, (available April 23/24) is a long time coming.  Since the White Stripes, White has released albums with bands The Raconteurs and Dead Weather, but I felt neither lived up to White’s reputation as a premier songwriter.  And with the official announcement that The White Stripes were no more I think this album will have more similarities with the White Stripes than the other 2 bands he played with.

The new single “Love Interruption” sounds like classic White Stripes from one of their later albums.  Slow and minimal, Jack White’s vocals and lyrics stand out (but I do miss his sonic guitar playing).  Also missing his Meg White keeping steady time on the drums – hopefully she will show up on one tune.

Either way, I’m happy to hear him recording again.  Jack White is one of the few successful musicians that pay tribute to the bluesmen of the Delta instead of being another “artist” that rips them off (Led Zeppelin).

Here is the first song from “Blunderbuss”, named “Love Interruption”.blues man


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