Drive Time music review – Andrew Jackson Jihad “Knife Man”

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man

On this version of Drive Time music review, I’m going to take another look at Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Knife Man”.

I wrote a couple of articles about Andrew Jackson Jihad on my other blog, but feel a need and duty to reblog about this CD because the uniqueness and diversity of music  by Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallarty.

This album spans a spectrum of different distinctly American types of music but retaining the same message of human inadequacies and insecurity.  Songs such as “Hate, Rain on Me” and “Distance” (one of my favorites on the album) reminds me of a Southern California punk song with more feeling and emotional distress, while “Zombie by the Cranberries by Andrew Jackson Jihad” provides punk/folk songs that remind me of their earlier work.  But the thing that endears me to their work is their lyrics.  Lines such as this one in “Hate, Rain on Me”-

“I wish I had a bullet fucking big enough to kill the sun.

I’m sick of songs about the summer, and I hate everyone”

Attracts me to their music for the same reason why it might others from putting it on their individual “heavy rotation” list – It’s honest and speaks to a part in me that we aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company.  And the occasional political views expressed by AJJ are as sharp and as concise as any joke on Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.
Overall, I enjoyed “Knife Man” and continue to have it rotation (as some of their other songs).  So, if you want to listen to something with a little variety and an album off the beaten path, I highly recommend Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Knife Man”.


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