Attack of the Cablebox : Archer, season 3, episode 7 – Drift Problem

Archer Drift Problems

Archer's Birthday present - until Malory steals it

This time on Attack of the Cablebox we will review Archer, season 3, episode 7 – “Drift Problem”.

After Archer thinks everyone forgot his birthday, Malory surprises Archer with a new Dodge Challenger which has been tricked out by Kreiger.  And despite a serious warning by Malory not to lose the car, the car winds up stolen after Archer leaves it unlocked in the garage.  Desperate to find the car before Malory finds out, Archer and the gang hit the Yakuza Drift Race circuit to find Archer’s Challenger with the help of Pam (she drift races the Yakuza).  The Yakuza doesn’t even steal American muscle cars, but that doesn’t stop Archer from starting trouble and relying on Pam’s drifting skills to get away.  In the end Malory shows up and reveals she stole the car to teach Archer a “lesson” but fails to understand that you need to give the item back to make a point.  While Archer goes wandering off muttering about a 5 Speed Schwinn his mother stole from him on his 8th birthday, we find that Malory sold the Challenger to a pimp.

This was a pretty good episode with Archer being his usual self, Pam showing yet another weird side to her, and Malory showing us her bizarre form of parenting that helps us realize why Archer is the way he is.

My favorite line:

When Archer talks about who steals the best cars in the city, Pam replies:

“That would be the Yakuza.  And man, against those pinkieless bastards you had better come correct!”


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