Attack of the Cablebox – Spartacus:Vengenace episode 2 : A Place in the Sun

On “Attack of the Cable box” we look at Spartacus Vengeance, episode 2 – “A Place in the Sun”.

Lucretia - Spartacus

Lucretia's bad hair day

We start with a peek of how Oenomaus came into Batiatus’s father’s possession – by fighting in The Pits – and that is where he is in order to die the unhonorable death he feels he deserves after helping Spartacus.  Meanwhile, Crixius and Spartacus lead their merry band of marauders to another house in search of Crixius’ girlfriend, Naevia.  After a bloody battle with some guards,  Crixius kills the owner of the house after he finds out Naevia has been passed to another Dominus.  This house poses problems – the “sex slave” of the owner, Tiberius, tries to take out Spartacus, who in turn attempts to train him to fight (Agron and Crixius don’t like it).  Meanwhile, a blonde female slave puts doubts into Mira’s head about her relationship with Spartacus.  Glaber asks a new character, Seppius, for assistance from him and his band of mercenaries, but Seppius is pretty much a jack ass about it and started making remarks accusing Ilthyia of “something” the night Spartacus and his group rebeled.  Glaber and Seppius won’t be having a “guys night out” anytime soon.

Lucretia has convinced Glaber that a sacrifice needs to be made, and Ilithyia accompanies her to the market for goods.  The townspeople think Lucretia is “touched” by the Gods and insist on being blessed, but while she is being blessed an anonymous figure slips her a note.  Back at the house, as Lucretia is performing the sacrifice, Ilthyia slips behind her with a knife to silence her before she has a chance to tell everyone what kind of snake Ilthyia is.  Ilthyia is interrupted, however, by a visitor – Oenomaus (who is saved from certain death in The Pits), bound by the ultimate snake in the grass, Ashur.

Another great Spartacus episode.  The Pits scenes used fake blood by the 55 gallon barrels, there were lots of naughty bits (didn’t these Romans do anything for themselves?), and lots of double crossing.  Mira is starting to act like a typical girlfriend (“What does our relationship mean to you?”), Lucretia has come back to her conniving senses, and the “sex slave” Tiberius might wind up proving to be Spartacus’ downfall.


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