Attack of the Cable Box ; Spartacus Vengeance Episode 3- For the Greater Good

Spartacus Vengeance Episode 3, For the Greater Good.

Ashur - Spartacus (Nick Tarabay)

Ashur - the man I love to hate

The show starts with Crixius and Spartacus doing what they do best – killing Romans and freeing slaves (I wonder if the producers get a discount on the fake blood).  Crixius starts asking the freed slaves if they have seen Naevia and one of the guards tells Agron and Nasir that he saw her – Agron quickly kills him and tells Crixious that Naevia is dead (Crixius goes ballastic).  Meanwhile, Galber has doubts that Ashur has what it takes to break Oenomaus and calls Ashur’s faithfulness into doubt.  Shaur cuts off Batiatus mark on his arm as a show of loyalty to Glaber(eeww!).

Glaber then finds Senator Albinius (Ilthiyia’s father), and Varinius feeling on the pregnant Ilithyia – who “forgot” to warn Glaber that the Senator and his lap dog were coming.  After some words between Varinius and Glaber, Albinius warns Glaber not to mess with Varinius because he is a Praecter (same as Glaber), he is well liked in the Senate, and he is more ruthless than Glaber gives him credit for.  So, Glaber is stuck having to watch Varinius talk up Ilthyia with Albinius’ blessing. Ilthyia later tries to “comfort” Glaber but he has “performance” problems due to the stress he is under.

With Crixius out of head with grief, the camp begins to seem shaky, but Crixius comes out and speaks to get the Gauls back in check.  With the initial grieving over, Crixius wants some payback.

Meanwhile Ashur is having a good time whipping the hell out of Oenomaus and just generally torturing to get him to tell where Spartacus is, but mainly to get even for being treated like a little dog (which he is) for so long.  Lucretia stops Ashur and Ashur tells her that it was he that saved her after the uprising and the massacre by Spartacus.  Lucretia in turn tells Ashur how to get Oenomaus to talk – tell him about his dead wife sleeping with the freed slave and Oenomaus’ “brother”, Gannicus, back in the day.

Back at the Spartacus camp, the blond trouble maker that made Mira question her relationship with Spartacus is now working on Nasir.  She tells Nasir he is lucky because she notices him and Agron making goo goo eyes at each other, and that Agron has position (which she is secretly after and is why she has hooked up with a Gaul).  Nasir starts to feel bad about lying to Crixius about Naevia being dead, and tells him the truth.  Crixius reaches rampage mode and goes after Agron;. Agron confesses that he lied to keep Spartacus and Crixius from marching into where she is (the mines) and into certain doom.  Spartacus bitch slaps Agron and sides with Crixius.

Ashur gets Oenomaus to talk and realizes that Crixius would go after Naevia and tells Glaber.  Glaber gets ready to lay some hurt on Ashur but Lucretia intervenes and convinces Galber that Ashur is right.  At the arena, Glaber give Varinius the middle finger by having his troops absent when Varinius calls for them to come in the arena to comfort the crowd.  Galber gets up and announces to the crowd that his troops are closing in on Spartacus and will have him in the area soon (Varinius’ turn to be embarrassed).

Agron, and several of the freed slaves, leaves which diminishes the group’s numbers but they go in anyway.  They sneak in posing as slaves, find out where Naevia is,  and head into the mines with Glaber’s army hot on their heels.  The group grabs Naevia, but loses Crixius to Ashur.  Losing Spartacus will not sit well with Glaber, who will catch lots of heat from Albinius.

Not a bad episode – some good action.  Glaber’s performance issues don’t sit well with Ilthyia, which plays into Varinius and Albinius’ hands.  Spartacus is going to have a problem with the Gauls now that Crixius is gone.

Come back next week for the latest from “Spartacus: Vengeance”.

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