Drive Time music review – Diplo “Express Yourself”


Dapper Diplo hard at work

On this edition of Drive Time music review – I will review Diplo’s new lead off single, “Express Yourself (featuring Nicky Ba B)” from the EP of the same name.

I like Diplo – and have ever since I saw his videos at “Whirlyball” on YouTube.  He’s got style (more often than not is wearing a suit), popular enough be tapped for Blueberry commercials, and (in my humble opinion), one of the best electronic dance music (EDM) artists today.  He’s versatile in his craft and works hard to bring indigent music artists from all over the world to light.  Hell, he even had a big hand in M.I.A.’s big single, “Paper Planes” (watch the video here).  And it is because of all of this I’m just not sold on his new single “Express Yourself” (featuring Nicky Da B).

Featuring elements of bounce music and Moombahton (a hybrid of electronic dance music and reggae), there are plenty of things I do enjoy about song, such as the “horn like” section at 1:20 and again at 2:42 that is just sick.  The problem for me is a “lack” of cohesiveness in the song – there are times that the song reminds me more of Diplo testing out a new machine than an actual song.  And it just seems to me that there seems to be more of a thread that ties Diplo’s songs into something a little more palatable for mass consumption.  The beats are heavy and vary in tempo, with the changes punctuated by a rapid, machine gun fire like, drum break.

Diplo - Express Yourself

Diplo - Express Yourself

I am looking forward to the rest of the EP – Diplo hasn’t released enough on of his own work to satiate my desire his unique style of using beats from all over the world.  I hope that “Express Yourself” is the exception to the EP and not the rule.

Listen to “Express Yourself” (featuring Nicky Da B) here.


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