Attack of the Cable Box – Archer, season 3 , episode 8 – Lo Scandalo

Archer Lo Scandalo

Kreiger gets a picture of his handiwork

Archer Season 3 episode 8 – Lo Scandalo

This time on Attack of the Cablebox, we look at the latest Archer episode, Lo Scandalo.

We start off with Malory, wearing an overcoat, knocking back a drink and just staring into a darkened room.  Archer and Lana show up and see a man in a full body rubber suit (a “zen ti” says Malory.  “A catsuit only comes up to the neck”), retrained to a chair with four bullet holes in his chest.  Although Malory denies killing him she is holding a gun with a silencer that smells from being fired.  As Archer checks out the body, he finds three things that freaks him out:

  1. The dead man is the Italian Prime Minister, Savio Mascalzone.
  2. The chair doesn’t have a seat in it.
  3. There is a “marital aid” – well, you can guess where it is.

Malory keeps insisting she didn’t shoot him, showing three bullet holes in the wall where she shot at the three men who did shoot Savio, and has a flesh wound on her arm as further evidence.  Since they have to get rid of the body, they call Kreiger, who seems way too excited about the task (“Thank you” he whispers to Archer while wearing a gas mask).  While Malory isn’t happy about Archer, Lana, and Kreiger knowing about it, she is even less happy when Ray, Cyril, Pam, and Cheryl show up expecting a party that Kreiger invited them to.  So, Kreiger begins to cut up the body so everyone will take out a “parcel” and drop it in a trash can at a point so the body part locations look like a smiley face on a map (Kreiger never fails to be “unique”).  And as the rest of the gang is in the kitchen making spaghetti, a NYPD detective shows up looking for Mascalzone.  The detective walks into the dining room to find the gang dressed up in Malory’s clothes speaking in a terrible British accent with Lana dressed up in a French Maid outfit, serving wine.  The NYPD doesn’t find anything, and everyone leaves with a package – like a parting gift.  As Archer and Lana walk down the street, Archer and Lana realize that Malory had shot Mascalzone (because he was responsible for killing on of Archer’s possible father’s – over 30 years ago), shot into the wall, and shot herself in the arm.  Malory also tipped off the cops so they would come in and find nothing and rule her out as a suspect.

This will be one of my favorite episodes because of the rapid fire one liners by Archer and the totally off the wall story, and the episode is made even better by Kreiger being absolutely creepy yet scientific and methodical.

Tune in next week for more play by play coverage on everyone’s favorite secret agent, Archer.

Favorites lines this episode (and it was hard to narrow it down to two)

“What else was on the menu, sex under a hive of Africanized bees?”

“Unless it was the creepy old people bondage sex police, why would anyone come in to shoot him?”

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