Drive Time music – M.I.A. “Bad Girls”


M.I.A. "The bird seen around the world"

Many people in the United States aren’t happy with M.I.A. these days.

After the “middle finger” incident at the Superbowl M.I.A. won’t be on people’s Christmas card list, which is okay with her; she has never really played nice with the American music critics.  M.I.A. latest release, called “Bad Girls” is from an album coming in 2012.  “Bad Girls” has an infectious hook that causes involuntary head nodding, and a “Middle Eastern” feel to it and has the potential to be one of her bigger hits.

I’m also impressed with the video, directed by Romain Gravas, and shows something that isn’t shown nearly enough in this part of the world.  The video features kids in the Middle East doing things many things that kids here in the U.S. do – showing off drifting cars, hanging out with friends, and giving off a classic U.S. “gangsta pose”.  The “Bad Girls” video is something that isn’t shown nearly enough – kids, no matter where they are, are more similar than most people think.

I hope this album delivers what “Bad Girls” promises, infectious cultural beats from the “real” bad girl of music.


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