Popcorn Hangover – “Abnormal Beauty”

Abnormal BeautyIn this episode of Popcorn Hangover – “Abnormal Beauty”.

In the movie “Abnormal Beauty” Race Wong plays Jiney, a gifted but troubled art student who has a strained relationship with her mother and becomes fascinated with photos of dead or dying animals which start to lead her off the deep end towards filming dead people.  After an intervention and some help from her VERY close friend Jas (played by Rosanne Wong) Jiney’s disposition improves until she starts receiving videotapes of women being brutally killed.  Who is this sadistic stranger and what does want with Jiney?

Filmed in Hong Kong, Abnormal Beauty is above most Asian slasher fare.  The production and story are both above the norm and the pace of the movie keeps it from lagging in on area too long.  There are some pretty ugly torture scenes towards the end but is typical for this genre and is nothing that hasn’t been shown before in most Asian  thriller/horror films.  For the Asian horror enthusiast I recommend this movie.


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