Attack of the Cablebox – Archer, season 3, episode 9 “Bloody Ferlin”

Archer Bloody Ferlin

Archer and Ray "Go country!"

On Attack of the Cablebox we look at Archer, season 3, episode 9 – Bloody Ferlin.

First of all, Ray isn’t paralyzed, and we find out in typical Archer fashion – the ISIS armory in the middle of the night.  Lana and Archer catch Ray loading for bear and heading to save his brother Randy, who lives in “The Hollar” and owns a pot farm, from the sheriff who bullied Ray as a kid.

Archer and Ray grab Cheryl to pose as Ray’s wife (don’t ask), and head to save his brother while Lana, Pam, and Cyril try to make the break in look anything that what it was. Lana convinces Kreiger to help in exchange for Pam joining Keriger’s latest “thing” – Ultimate Bum Shock Fights.

Archer goes after Randy’s wife, which Randy is okay with as long as he can “visit” with Ray’s wife, Cheryl, as they get prepare for the raid by the sheriff.  But once the sheriff shows up, Ray realizes that the sheriff isn’t the asshole he was in high school and that Randy was lying.  In the end, sheriff lets Ray know they play for the same team, which makes Ray giddy and Archer mad that everyone got laid in “The Hollar” but him and a chicken.

Best Lines”

Cheryl, once she sees Randy’s house:

“Jesus, what’s my dowry?  Tetanus?”

Lana’s answer to Archer’s question – what is more important than family?

“Getting hammered on moonshine and banging skanky trailer chicks?”


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