Attack of the Cablebox – Archer, season 3, episode 10 – “Crossing Over”

Archer - Crossing Over

Archer has met his match

This was another great episode.  Archers’ sitting on the balconey, nursing a bad hangover and trying to remember what happened during a blackout period the night before.  As the memories come back to him, he realizes he had the best sex ever, and goes running into the bathroom to find out who she is (he thinks she’s a stripper).  He walks in a sees Pam on the toilet!

Meanwhile, General Chekoff, former head of KGB and possibly Archer’s father, is planning to defect and move in with Malory.  Malory isn’t going to let it happen – after all, she is dating Burt Reynolds, and decides to stash Chekoff in a dilapidated “safe house”.  She sends Archer over to debrief him and to spend some possible “father/son” time.  Archer gets bored and takes off to see Pam.

Meanwhile, Archer can’t get enough of Pam – on the dirty elevator floor, on the dirty bathroom stall floor – almost everywhere but he makes Pam swear not to tell anyone.  Archer, however, is not impressing Pam in the sack…

Meanwhile, Barry, the new head of the KGB, comes to New York to kill Chekoff and tricks Cheryl into taking him to the safe house.  Barry sets up a “bomb” and supposedly kills Chekoff after he confesses something into a camera.  We end with Archer’s conflicting feelings about Chekoff and his own selfishness.

The episode rocked.  Great one liners, Barry referring to himself in the third person while wearing that “$6 million man” tracksuit, and Archer letting his primal urges take precedent over everything else make this one of the best of the season.  Also, I’m pretty sure this completes the set for Pam – Cyril, Lana, Cheryl, Kreiger, and Archer.  Go Pam!

Favorite lines –

From Pam to Archer –

“But this time get in there. All you’ve been doing is giving one side hell.”

“I wouldn’t say amazing.  What? Come on, you were pushing rope.”

From Archer to Woodhouse –

“Forget the glass, Woodhouse, just give me the pitcher, for I am a sinner in the hands of an Angry God.  Bloody Mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails.  Pray for me now at the hour of my death, which I hope is soon.  Amen.”

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