“Archer” writers – phoning it in


I swear, you get Archer cancelled and I will stick that lollipop where you won't like it

What the hell happened to “Archer” this season?

This is the second season in a row that I feel that the writers have just “phoned in” the last two or three episodes of the season.  This season, the hilarity and masterful writing of the show stopped at “Crossing Over” with Archer finding Pam as his ultimate sex partner.  The last three episodes – “Skin Game” (where Kreiger brings Archer’s fiance, Katiana, back as a cyborg), “Space Race part 1”, and “Space Race part 2” seemed to be penned by a different set of writers trying to imitate the sarcasim and masterful humor of the previous episodes.

I know it isn’t easy to be as on the mark as they were in the episode “El Scandalo” (my favorite this season), but jeez, someone run some quality control over there!  It would break my heart to see Archer cancelled, so I pray every night (and will probably go to hell for it) that the writers at Archer finish strong enough next season to make everyone salivate for season 5.

To writers of Archer – we are counting on you.  If you screw around and get my favorite show cancelled, I will curse your name for the rest of my life!

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