Enough with Reality Television!

DVD rewinder

any more reaiity television, and we might actually think this is necessary

I have had it with reality television.

More than 40% of television programming is reality TV, with everything from custom aquarium makers to drunken sluts in Las Vegas given their own television show.  I say it is about time we mix things up – mash up some of these “reality television” shows to make them at least a little more entertaining.  I have a few in mind.

Swamp Bachelorette.  This is a combination of “Swamp People” meets “Bachelorette”.  Take one gold digging, stuck up primadonna and stick her in a Louisiana swamp with 5 toothless, half crazy swamp bachelors.  Hilarity ensues.

Hunger Girls.  Take “Bad Girls Club” and mix it with “Hunger Games” (I know it isn’t a reality show, let’s pretend it is).  Take the girls from different seasons, put them on a deserted island, and give them 3 days to finish each other off.  The winner gets a paid condo and a lifetime pass to the clubs in Las Vegas where she can drink herself to oblivion.

Jersey Shore Survivor.  Put Snookie and rest of the gang some place they would never go – Honduras comes to mind – and challenge them to make it to the United States without any American documentation.  First one to make it New Jersey wins.

Gold Digger Wife Swap.  Take the women from one of the “Real Wives” show and swap them with the wives of the show “Gold Diggers”.  Let both groups dig for a different kind of gold!

That’s it for right now, but I promise to have more the next time I have it up to my eyeballs with lack of worthwhile television programming.


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