Album Review – Joyce Manor “Joyce Manor” (Updated)

Joyce Manor members are:

Kurt Walcher – Drums

Chase Knobbe – Guitar

Matt Ebert – Bass, vocals

Barry Johnson – Vocals, guitars

Joyce Manor's "Joyce Manor"

Joyce Manor’s “Joyce Manor”

I am constantly on the search for good music.

And by good music I mean something that is “off the radar” of major corporations and free from producers that homogenize it and package it for mass consumption.  I found a new band that I think has one of the best debut albums I have heard in years.

Joyce Manor is one of those bands that I just happened to come across when I went to the Andrew Jackson Jihad concert here in Houston (my review here).  I went home that night and downloaded both of their albums, “Joyce Manor” and “Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired”. From (thanks to a birthday gift certificate – thanks Beth!).  I haven’t gotten around to listening to “Of All Things” because I haven’t been able to stop listening to their debut album yet.

The songs are punchy and short, with almost all lasting between one and three minutes – just enough to get the point across but not too long to become monotonous or boring.  It is classic Southern California punk, with Barry Johnson’s vocals reminiscent of a young Bad Religion vocalist, Greg Graffin, without the intellectual sarcasim.  The tracks are melodic and the music by the rest of the band tight and on point, while Kurt’s drums are right on point, Chase supplying the driving guitar rhythm, and Matt keeping everything together on bass and supplying backing vocals..  And while my favorite songs on the album are “Orange Julius”, “Beach Community”, and “Constant Headache” – there isn’t a song on there that I skip over.  And while some classify the band as pop punk, there is something in the rawness and aggression of the record that sets it apart from albums by bands like Blink 182 and Green Day.

Please go to or your favorite place to buy music and give “Joyce Manor” a listen and support the best California punk made in several years.

Joyce Manor – “Beach Community”

Tour dates here


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