After all these years – Jack White’s first solo album, “Blunderbuss”

Jack White's "Blunderbuss"

Since the White Stripes last record, people have been wondering when Jack White was going to release a solo album. After stints with bands Raconteurs and Dead Weather, Jack White finally hit the studio to record a full length album, “Blunderbuss”. This first solo album is what I expected it to be, a natural progression of White’s musicianship with an embrace of different instruments vacant on his early work with Meg and a mellower sound from older songs such as “Screwdriver”.
My favorite song on the new album – “I’m Shaking” – reminds me of something off the White Stripes last release “Icky Thump” with a catchy, melodic groove to it, while a slower, more peaceful “Blunderbuss” consists of country strings rare on Jack White songs. “Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy” interesting 60’s pop beginning that moves into an almost honky tonk feel, displaying the variety of instruments and styles that has been a progression for Jack White, starting from the first White Stripes album and moving through his time with the Raconteurs and Dead Weather. Album bookends, “Missing Pieces” and “Take Me with You When You Go” have a sound like extra songs from a Raconteurs album. Of course the album contains the lead off single “Love Interrupted” and the harder second single “Sixteen Saltines” which opens with a driving guitar riff and provides old style keyboard chords.
It isn’t easy to review this first solo album by Jack without comparing it to his previous work with others, and those who are familiar with his work and view this as a progression will enjoy this CD.

Also, Jack White will hold a concert, directed by actor Gary Oldman, on April 27 on the Vevo channel on YouTube (check Vevo for time).

Jack White – “Love Interrupted” on SNL


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