Album review – Moses “The Voids”

Moses Melkonian has released his debut album after many months of hard work.

Moses released “The Voids” on March 19th, and displays his wide range of musicianship and the ability to meld sounds from different instruments into one moving voice.

Moses - 'The Voids"

There are 12 tracks on the album ( there are 3 bonus tracks, which brings the track count to 15) which form into a cohesive musical landscape instead of separate parts.  “Like Gods” is my favorite track with the Moses’ voice perfectly complementing the rich, full, almost symphonic musical feeling.  There are other tracks that stand out, such as “Metamorphosis” and “Lunar Lull” which gives a feeling of a dark, quiet, rainy day.  The track “Within” is a little more adventurous with a quicker tempo and guitar solo, while “We are Mighty, We are Young” has a jazzy groove to it, but the spoken word section kind of takes away from the rhythm of the song.

Overall, a brilliant debut effort from a very talented musician. Check out “The Voids” by Moses at this site (you can also buy the album).  I will be looking out for more great work from Moses.

Moses – “Lunar Lull”


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