Music Review – The Dopamine’s 2010 album, “Expect the Worst”

The Dopamines Expect The Worst

The Dopamines - "Expect the Worst"

As I continue my current interest into California “pop punk”, I gave a recent listen to the Dopamine’s 2010 album, Expect the Worst. 

Jon Lewis, Jon Weiner, and Michael Dickson released their most polished, mass friendly record in 2010, with fast tempoed, melodic songs with the occasionally naughty lyric that is synonomous with pop punk.  Expect starts with a bang with “Horsecop” and continues the typical sarcastic, tongue in cheek, slightly “not for mass consumption lyrics throughout the album, not that it is a bad thing.  Other songs, such as “Thank you very much” and “Public Domain” are stand outs with better than usual melodies that tend to get stuck in one’s head.  But with the lack of real change in the songs tempo, the middle of the album tends to get a little “monotonous”.

This is what it is, pop punk; a type of more mellow and less aggressive type of punk that has gained mass appeal due to bands such as Blink 182, Green Day, and The Offspring.  And true to the theme of pop punk, The Dopamines stay close to the formula of short, fast songs with frequent melodic changes to keep the listener’s interest.  Expect the Worst is what it supposed to be, the naughtier, more rebellious cousin of Green Day’s albums.

The Dopamines – “Public Domain”


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