Concert Review – Joyce Manor and Andrew Jackson Jihad in Oklahoma City

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Andrew Jackson Jihad

I recently made a trip to Oklahoma City with my son to see Andrew Jackson Jihad and Joyce Manor for the last show of their tour together, and the drive was well worth it.
We got to The Conservatory early. While waiting for the doors to open, we walked next door to Guestroom Records, a really great record shop with a pretty wide selection of rare albums (such as limited edition Tool and Radiohead, as well as Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, etc.). After checking out the record shop we ambled back over to the club.
The Conservatory is a nice place. The staff was polite and laid back and the place is a great place to see an indie show with a good selection of cold beer (none on tap). The stage is set in kind of a strange place, but it works and leaves a place for people to talk while a show is going on.
The Jerry Ghoulies started off the show and put on a good show which got the crowd going, with Joyce Manor hitting the stage next (Treasure Fleet didn’t make the trip to Oklahoma City, but check out my review of their new album “Cocamotion). After listening to them pretty steadily since the Houston show (as well as listening to Joyce Manor, Treasure Fleet, Andre Jackson Jihad, and Screaming Females for 8 hours on the trip up), I was ready to see them again and they didn’t disappoint. Kurt was ruthless on the drums, Matt and Barry really belted out the songs, and Chase held the rhythm on guitar. While they played pretty much everything I wanted to hear, “Violent Inside”, “Constant Headache”, and “ Beach Community” (among others), they left out their version of “Radio Killed the Video Star” which I hope they will play in Austin on June 1 at the “Chaos in Tejas” show. I highly suggest going to see this band if they come to your town.

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor

Next up was Sean and Ben from Andrew Jackson Jihad. As in Houston, they started off with an acoustic set which included songs such as “Sense, Sensibility”. And like Houston, Preston (who plays banjo, keyboards, and guitar), and the drummer (will someone please write me with his name? I talked to him for awhile and still forgot his name – damn beer!) joined Ben and Sean for “Gift of the Magi 2” and the electric portion of their set.
With it being the last show of the tour, Joyce Manor joined AJJ on stage for a couple of the songs (Ben joined Joyce Manor for one of their songs). Barry came on stage to sing “Hate and Kill” like he did in Houston, and Chase joined Sean for the first verse of “Tonight, Tonight” by the Smashing Pumpkins. For the last song “Big Bird”, Kurt brought one of his drums on stage, and the rest of Joyce Manor joined Sean (and the whole crowd) in yelling out the lyrics – it was incredible that the crowd knew the words to such a great song. After the show, both bands were nice enough to talk with some of the fans despite the fact they had long drives back home – Phoenix for AJJ and Torrence, California for Joyce Manor by way of a couple of concert dates.
All in all, a great night and a trip worth taking to see two great bands at the end of the tour.

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