Music Review – “Cocamotion” by Treasure Fleet

Treasure Fleet

Treasure Fleet

Every once in a while I come across a record that just kinda grows on me. Treasure Fleet’s Cocamotion is one of them.
Treasure Fleet consists of several established bands. They are:
Isaac Thotz (The Arrivals) – Singer, guitar
Dave Merriman (The Arrivals) – keyboards
Eli Caterer (Smoking Popes) – lead guitar
Mike Oberlin (Sass Dragons) – drums
Neil Hennessy (Smoking Popes) – bass
Upon first listening to this record, some might mistake this Chicago based band for a 60’s British pop outfit which, according to interviews online, is a sound that the band was working for. The songs “Black Rag”, “The Trapeze Artist”, and “High on a Bicycle” symbolize a sound that some have compared to early early Brit pop – rock, which I find a welcome break and something new and different.
There is diversity in the songs on the album. My favorite song on the record, “Mourning Dove”, is a slow, melodic duet with an ethereal feel which is soothing, and dare I say, pretty. Another song, “We All Live in the Old Ghost Town”, is another low key number that has a catchy melody that I don’t mind having stuck in my head, and the song “The Good Wife” reminds me of a slow song from The Smiths.
The rocker on the album, “Vice”, has this underlying guitar riff that powers through the whole song while Isaac runs through a list of bad habits (he named a couple of mine – and I won’t say which ones!), and sings during the chorus ‘Someday I may find that I don’t want to know”. Amen, Isaac.
So, for the older folks that miss The Who, The Beatles, etc. this might be a nice walk down memory lane, and for those younger this will be a welcome exposure to a type of psychedelic, trippy music that the parents used to groove to.
Watch for Cocamotion to go on sale soon (I will put in a link soon). There is a great interview with Isaac Thotz and Neil Hennessy here

Treasure Fleet – “Vice”




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