Music Review – Spraynard “Exton Square”

Spraynard - Exton Square

Spraynard – Exton Square

While checking out bands on the Asian Man records label, I came across the band Spraynard, and decided to check out their latest EP, Exton Square.
The record starts off with an interesting number called “Can I Borrow a Feeling?” which stands out from the three other pop punk tunes on the album. “Feeling” is longer than the other songs and, in my opinion, the best song of the four, starting off slow and soft while building up to a strong finish. It is a catchy tune that I would expect to hear on the local alternative radio station.
The other three is pretty much standard pop punk fare, with “Intentions and Pruposes” being a little slower than the three. The lead singer (Pat Graham?) sings in the trademark Southern California accent that was made famous by Billie Jo from Green Day. The lyrics are happy, bouncy, and catchy as is the music.
While not breaking any ground, Exton Square is a safe pop punk album that would be great to listen to during a day at the beach.


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