There is still blood in the desert – possible scenarios for the final season of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

There is evil still lurking in the desert.

After the ending of Breaking Bad last season, I was really surprised to hear that they had decided on one more season.  Gus, the biggest meth distributor in the area, was killed in brilliant fashion by Walter White, followed by the destruction of the massive meth lab by Jesse Pinkman and Walter.  With the season premiere months away (scheduled later in 2012), I have come up with a couple of plots:

Walter and Jesse go at it.  Jesse has plenty of reasons to exact revenge on Walter – and that was before Walter poisoned Jesse’s girlfriend’s son in order to gain Jesse’s cooperation in offing Gus.  Walter has never given Jesse much respect and has greatly underestimated how much Jesse has changed.  Things could get real ugly between these two.

Somebody from Gus’ past comes for revenge.  There were hints that Gus was related to someone very powerful, which is why his former boss didn’t kill him when he realized Gus had a meth business going on (he killed his friend instead, splattering his blood all over Gus).  If his family is powerful enough to scare a major drug kingpin in Mexico, Walter might not stand a chance.

Mike seeks retribution for the murder of his boss.  I think this is the least likely scenario, so that is why I am adding it.  Mike was an extremely loyal employee and assistant, and that kind of loyalty would warrant some payback.  The problem is that I don’t think Mike has it in him to get the best of Walter.

There is also the possibility that Walter gets busted, but that would only after Walter goes through hell (the producers have suggested that this season is going to be deadly).

I’ll keep you posted on Breaking Bad news as it develops.


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