Music Review – “Ugly” by The Screaming Females

Screaming Females members are:

Marissa Paternoster – Vocals, guitar

Big MIke – Bass

Jarret Doughtery – Drums

For the record, Marissa Paternoster can play a guitar and is listed #77 on Rolling Stones 100 greatest guitar players.
The Screaming Females recently released a new album named “Ugly” which is a pretty rocking record.
They start off with two pretty good tunes, “It All Means Nothing” and my favorite song of the album, “Rotten Apple”. Mike and Jarret lay down a steady driving rhythm while Marissa displays her impressive guitar chops and her unique warbling voice (which reminds me of Patty Smith) that resounds through the entire album. Other standout songs are “Crows Nest” and “Help Me”.
Other songs, such as “Extinction”, has a surf style riff while “Doom 84”, which has a slower tempo but is just as powerful as any other song on the record, comes in at over 7 minutes but seems more like 3 especially with an impressive guitar solo (which I can’t wait to see in Austin on June 1).
And as much as I like the record, there are three songs – “Red Hand”, “High”, and “Tell Me” – causes the album to lag in the middle and seem a little abrasive and not in a good way. However, the cd picks up with “Leave it All Up To Me” and fires on all eight through “Doom 84”, “Help Me”, “Something Ugly”, “Slow Birth” and ends with a slow, acoustic number called “It’s Nice”.
Overall a pretty good record that sort of grew on me, especially during a recent trip. For those that buy their music on iTunes, try out “Rotten Apple”, “It’s Nice”, and “Help Me” – you won’t be disappointed.


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