Music Review – Sourpatch “Stagger and Fade”

Sourpatch members are:

Nicole Munoz – Vocals, guitar

Christine Tupou – Vocals, guitar

Mander Farrell – Bass, vocals

Rich Gutierrez – Drums

Sourpatch Stagger and Fade

If Dinosaur Jr. and Veruca Salt got together and had a child, it would be the group Sourpatch, as witnessed by their January release, Stagger and Fade.

 Fade has the minimal rawness of Dinosaur Jr.’s You’re Living All Over Me, Bug, and Green Mind – incredible early 90’s albums by the alt rock god, J. Mascius.  This similarity starts off on “Cynthia Ann” and carries on throughout the whole cd to the beautiful “What You Already Know” with a lo fi sound that made those early Dinosaur Jr. records so endearing.

As for Veruca Salt, one can draw a close comparison of Nicole and Munoz to Louise Post and Nina Gordon of the 90’s alt rock band, Veruca Salt.  Nicole and Christine sometimes tag team’s vocals the songs, sometimes singing together, and sometimes sharing vocal duties with Mander Farrell – all the while producing a sort of melodic easiness.  The combination of the music and the vocals is reminiscent of alternative music of the 90’s without the angst of the grunge scene.

The lyrics range from getting over relationships (“Moved On”) to living in earthquake prone California (“Stare At The Sun”) and seem to remain light an complements the music.

The tempo of the songs seem to vary slightly within the songs, but to me it gives the music a certain “indie” feel that is a refreshing change but the band does seem to overdo the reverb and feedback occasionally, especially during the second half of the cd on songs like “Say That I’m Not Over”.

My favorite tracks on the album are “Stare At The Sun”, “Moved On” and “Things You Say”, but there are several pretty good tracks on here.

I look forward to see how Sourpatch builds on Stagger and Fade with its homage to 90’s alt rock.

Sourpatch – “Things You Say”


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