Movie Review – The Avengers

The AvengersOn occasion I like an all-out action extravaganza so I saw The Avengers this week – the first special effects block buster of the summer season, and it didn’t disappoint.

The usual suspects are here: the shy, misunderstood scientist (Mark Ruffalo as Hulk), the true blue all American hero (Chris Evans as Captain America), the Norse God (Chris Helmsworth as Thor), the Russian female badass (Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow), the flawed hero (Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye), and the sarcastic playboy (Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man).  There is also the super villain (Tom Middleton as Loki) and the man that keeps the team together (Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury).

As for the story, Loki comes to Earth with the plan of taking over the Earth and incorporates Professor Selvig (Stellan Skargard) and Hawkeye to help him via mind control, and Fury has to figure out a way to get The Avengers to work together to thwart Loki’s plan.

The effects are incredible, such as the flying aircraft carrier and when Loki’s army flies in from the other dimension among many other parts.  Downey and his sarcastic humor pretty much supplies the glue to form the other characters into a team that is believable and entertaining – one really gets the idea that they are too different to really come together.  Middleton does a decent job as Loki although I found his character lacking the testosterone to get the job of taking over the world done, and Jackson plays his typical bad ass self.  I was disappointed that they substituted Ed Norton by Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk, but can understand because I think Norton would have been a little too serious for this movie.

This movie won’t be nominated for the next Academy Awards, and it would be foolish to assume so.  This movie delivers what it promises – plenty of action, lots of destruction, some playful banter between characters.  What else would one want from a summer blockbuster?


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