Music Review – The Atom Age “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”

The Atom Age

The Atom Age – “The Hottest Thing That’s Cool”

The Atom Age band members are:
Ryan Perras – Vox, Gtr
Peter Niven – Vox, Gtr
Brendan Frye – Sax
John Murgueitio – Drums
Matt Diamant – Bass

The Atom Age is a band that prides itself on straddling the lines between rockabilly, original British punk, and head on rock and roll and claims influence on their music by Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, and the Sonics.

This Oakland band releases its sophomore effort, The Hottest Thing That’s Cool, on May 29 on Asian Man Records, and it’s a scorcher from the beginning. They start off with “Dig the Future” – a rapid fire, in your face rockabilly/punk number with a groove that’s infectious, with an underlying saxophone riff (the sax shows up on several tunes) that makes separates many other bands that specialize in this genre.
Throughout the entire album, the band plays with real ferocity and hard charging vocals by Perras and Niven, while being precise and well-rehearsed. As I mentioned earlier, I really like the fact that while the saxophone is present and Frye adds a depth to the songs while not overpowering and is more a part of the music than just for solos. The guitars jump in and take the spotlight in the right spots, and the bass (Diamont) and drums (Murgueitio) do a great job of laying down the speedy rhythm of the songs. Another interesting aspect of this album is the 60’s style keyboards that show up in songs such as “Dead Wrong” and “I’ve Been Thinking”.
My favorite tracks are “Dig the Future” (I love when I band starts off a record with a rocker), “Bad Girls”, and “Eaten Alive” (which bears a resemblance to an old Clash song – “Career Opportunities” – in spots).
The Atom Age is touring – here are the dates:
1st- Portland, OR @ Slabtown
2nd- Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse
4th- Boise, ID @ Liquid
5th- Cedar City, UT @ The Crack Shack
6th- Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge
7th- Rock Springs, WY @ Rock Bottom Bar
Fri June 8th- Laramie, WY @ 3rd St. Cowboy
9th- Denver, CO @ Moe’s
10th – Ft. Collins, CO @ GNU
13th- Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Bar
14th – Denton, TX @ Andy’s Bar
15th – San Antonio – TBA
16th- Brownsville, TX @ Chapas
18th- Midland, TX @ The Blue Max
19th-Las Cruces, NM @ TBA
20th-Phoenix, AZ- TBA
21st-Palm Springs, CA @ The Hood
22nd- Pomona, CA @ VLHS
(You guys missed Houston!)
The Atom Age’s “the Hottest Thing That’s Cool” drops on May 29th. If you’re into retro garage punk check out their new album or grease back your hair, pick up your girl in your hotrod and catch them on tour.

The Atom Age – Cut, Paste, Kill

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    • No problem….I like to include a video to give people a “feel” of the band…..these guys HAVE to come to Houston..

      Thanks for the comment!

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