Music Review – Gnarboots “A.L.B.U.M.”

Gnarboots members are:

Adam Davis-Guitar, Vox

Bob Vielma-Bass, Vox

Aaron Carnes-Drums, Vox


Gnarboots – A.L.B.U.M.

They release their new album, named A.L.B.U.M., on May 29th, and it isn’t easy to describe due to their destruction of barriers between various genres of music. For instance, “Indian Summer” starts with a nice grunge rock groove with a chorus line of “There’s time to sleep in the grave” which they turn into something an audio horror movie with a dark, scary riff.  Another example is the two song combo of “Grown Ass Man”- which has a nice little head bobbing rhythm but is followed by “Tinnitus” – which starts off pummeling you over the head with “One! Two! Can you hear what I’m saying?”  And to top it off, you have a Ska like number called “Song 3”.

After initially not really being sure what to make of the record, I have become more and more impressed with the little details that a lot of people would dismiss.  First of all, the song development  and creativity is unique with changes in rhythm and overall “feel” of a song that is usually pretty short.  The lo fi, garage rock/punk rock sound is accomplished perfectly coupled with gravely vocals that somehow elevates the music.  Most importantly, Adam, Bob, and Aaron have the experience as musicians to crank out enjoyable tunes while making it look easy.

A.L.B.U.M. is downright creative and unique by any standards.  Whether it’s the driving rhythm and hoarse vocals of “Brother” or the short pop punk number “Party”, this innovative record is a shot in the arm of indie music and reminds us what is really original.  A.L.B.U.M. is set to be released on May 29.

My favorite line describing this band is:

“Gnarboots are a completely ridiculous band from Central California that play a variety of styles with a surprising amount of skill, considering that they’re a bunch of immature smart-asses who take nothing serious, including themselves, seriously.” -Mr Fab

About Gnarboots

Formed by members of Link-80, Shinobu and countless other Bay Area heavyweights, Gnarboots came to be in 2009 with the sole intent of creating chaos and good times through their music, both recorded and live. Since their formation the band has played with the likes of Bomb The Music Industry!, Hard Girls, Kepi Ghoulie and The Queers. Gnarboots is typically associated with their wide variety of musical stylings (ranging from Garage Rock to 80’s synth-pop), as well as their boisterous live shows which have been known to include free style rapping, improvised dance numbers and the occasional chicken fight. After a series of eclectic mixtapes released online, their debut LP A.L.B.U.M. showcases a wide-range of melodic and abrasive punk rock, a clear evolution from their past musical endeavors.

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