Music Review – Caseracer – “Caseracer”

Caseracer band members:

paul blest – vocals

jeff hersch – guitar/vocals

john strong – bass/vocals

mike haller – drums/vocals


Caseracer – Caseracer

In my neverending search for music that isn’t being shoved down my throat my mainstream music sources, I came across Caseracer.

The band shares the same record company, Jeremy Records, as another band I reviewed, The Vows.  And while The Vows gravitate towards dream pop, Caseracer is definitely a punk band as their first record, Caseracer, will attest to.  Released in February, Caseracer  is a 6 track journal of problems and issues that surround and sometimes engulfs an average young American male, set to music that displays the angst that the problems carry.

The record starts out with a full on assault called “Trickle Down” and is followed by my favorite track on the album, “I’m Uh Fixing a Divot”, which contains lyrics like:

“If I had a dollar for every time I told myself “I’ll think about the things I say before they come spilling out of my mouth.” I’d be richer, wouldn’t be happier because my head isn’t a good home for these shitty thoughts and worse ideas.”


“The Blind are Courageous” and “Hunter Mountain” are next up and addresses the problem of friends that are stuck with the downward spiral of addiction.

Track #5, I Used To Watch Fantasia A Lot” is another great track about coming to terms with adulthood, as well as the final track, “Two Yutes” with more spot on lyrics:

“And now we’re digging our own graves, and sealing them with every student loan that puts us deeper in debt. I’m afraid that all that remains is a lifetime of instability.”

The music is straight ahead punk from the Northeast (New Jersey or Delaware) where the winters are colder and life isn’t as laid back.  Haller plays the drums like a man possessed, while Strong and Hersch have no trouble keeping up with the rhythm.  The singer, Paul Blest, sort of reminds me of an angry Dicky Barrett from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones with more to say.

Caseracer definitely have their shit together with a great sound and incredible lyrics packed into a mere 11 minutes, and hope to hear more from them, as well as checking them out sometime if they ever make it to Houston.  Check them out on Facebook here, or better yet, pick up a digital copy of their first album on Bandcamp.

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