Music – Dogbreth “Get Out”

Dogbreth band members are:

Tristan Jemsek – Guitar, vocals

Erin Caldwell – Bass, vocals

Nathan Leach – Drums

Dogbreth – “Get Out”

Summer time is around the corner and I’m looking for “my” soundtrack of the summer – songs and bands that I can listen to in the future to remind me of the summer of 2012 (whether good or bad).  And thanks to a Facebook post by Sean of Andrew Jackson Jihad, I might have found one of those bands in Dogbreth (a trio pop punk band out of Phoenix).

Dogbreth’s future release, Get Out, contains 4 toe tapping rockers with lyrics surrounding the idea of getting stuck in a “rut” and the need to break free and making changes in one’s life.

The record begins with “Guest House”, a great melodic number that’s starts off with the lyrics “How could such a small space take so long to clean out?  How could such a shitty place clean me out for so long?” (Sounds like a lot of apartments I’ve lived in).  The guitar on here is well done by Jemsek, while Caldwell and Leach lay down impressive foundation to the song.

“Blockhead” Is the fun, quirky song of the record (sort of like Ringo Starr compared to the rest of the Beatles).

“Flip It” is a song about a type of person many of us know – a person that uses past abuses they have been subjected to as an excuse to mistreat everyone else, with the line “You use past abuse to excuse to acting abusive – I don’t want to hear it anymore”.  I like the way Tristan uses the line “Your broken heart’s a broken record” repeatedly display how someone’s constant complaining can get repetitive.

The last song, “Autopilot” addresses a fear many of us have – for life to get dull and stagnant.  I really enjoy the way Dogbreth speeds up the tempo halfway through the song, as if to break someone out of the doldrums and to shake them out of complacency.

The music on “Get Out” is skillful without being too complicated, showing how talented Jemsek, Caldwell, and Leach are.  And while I hate to use the term “pop punk”, I wish more pop punk bands would take note of Dogbreth and realize that it is okay to reach out and make music a little more complex.

Overall, I listened to “Get Out” most of this weekend and have to say that I am looking forward to more music from this trio.

Preorder a vinyl or get the digital album here.


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