Music Review – Fierce Brosnan “Good Luck Exploding”

Fierce Brosnan line-up is:
Mike santostefano – vocals/guitar
Jon garwacke – guitar/vocals
Eric luszcz – bass
Trevor reddell – drums

Fierce Brosnan – Good Luck Exploding

There are bands that can put out a record over a few days while for some it takes a little longer, with Fierce Brosnan being in the latter category. And while it might have taken a couple of years to get Good Luck Exploding recorded, the new record shows the time was not in vain.
Although the New Jersey based post punk band recorded this album back in 2009 and 2010 the extra time to engineer and mix the record shows; especially on songs such as “Never Listen” and the slower number “Eliza” with a catchy guitar rhythm. Much of the record is definitely post punk with longer songs and more rhythm and tempo changes than most punk fare, whereas “Tired” is a real rocker more in the vein of straight up East Coast punk.
“It’s A Bad Thing” is another slower, acoustic number that is followed by “Quiet” with more complex guitar chords – both of which adds a nice break from some of the in your face numbers like “Never Listen”.
Overall, Garwacke’s backing vocals backs up Santefano perfectly and vice versa regarding the respectable guitar on the record, and Luszcz and Reddell are as equally talented on bass and drums.
Overall, Good Luck Exploding was worth the wait for fans of Fierce Brosnan and provides the music promised by the extended production time.
Preview the record here, or preorder the cassette at this site.

Pierce Brosnan – All We Have


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