Music – Football Etc. “First Down”

Football etc. band members (at time of recording):

Lindsay Minton – Guitar/Vocals

Mercy Harper – Bass VI

Brandon Baker – Drums

Football Etc. “First Down”

Being from Houston I am pleased as punch to be able to write my first article about a local band.

Football, etc. released their first record, First Down, back in 2009 (although it is currently in a second pressing) – a 4 track EP that’s a testament of future releases by Lindsay Minton and company.

First Down starts off with “Dream Big” with its infectious 90’s alt groove, followed by “Touchdown” with a more lighthearted rhythm.  The third song – “Catch the Spirit” – is a haunting slower number with excellent guitar craftsmanship by Minton.  “First Down” is a faster yet equally crafted perfect to the ending.

The EP is consistent in the revival of 90s lo fi alt music which Dinosaur Jr. made famous, yet possesses superior musicianship by Minton, Harper and Baker.  Minton lyrics are simple and are sung with her hauntingly mellow voice.

Overall, First Down took me back to a time during the 90’s which it seemed that every record executive in the country was combing the country for the next Nirvana, and this resulted in a special time in “independent” music history which led to exposure of incredible bands from all over the country.

I will be reviewing Football etc. full length record, The Draft, which was released in March of 2011, as well as something about Lindsay Minton’s solo album, Past is Prelude in the near future.  Meanwhile, head over here for a preview and to purchase a copy of First Down.

Football Etc. (Catch the Spirit”

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